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PART2 - What Makes Bright Images So Powerful?

synegistic-proven technology

incredible - original music

3D - surround sound

20,000 positive affrimation

emotionalized affrimations

sti - script approval

synergistic - Proven tECHNOL0GIEs

BRIGHT IMAGES™ represents an extraordinary commitment to bring you the most advanced technologies available in subliminal educational for self-improvement with quick results. We are often asked by seasoned self improvement leaders, "what makes Bright Images Programs so highly effective". The short answer is, the combined, SYNERGISTIC EFFECT of several advanced technologies into one highly advanced product resulting in quick results. For subliminal to work very well, in a short period of time, many factors are required to work well together.
(1) Using expert developed, proven effective, physiological selection and order of affirmations to have a profound effect within your psyche. BRIGHT IMAGES Self-Help Audio Subliminal Programs were first developed in 1987, utilizing proven, effective and successful technological advancements first pioneered by MIDWEST RESEARCH. From many years of controlled research and studies in the fields of professional business, sports and life sciences using advanced subliminal educational techniques of SCWL® (subconscious-to-conscious-way-of-learning). Bright Images started with proven, effective technologies with continued developments.
(2) Bright Images™ programs have been field tested to be effective, (see our video and text testimonials TABS at the top of this page). They have also been certified to be safe with script approval by the STI Advisory Board of Top US authorities in the field of subliminal communication.
(3) Using the highly advanced SARA® Recording Technologies during the live recordings of our Environmental Sound Tracks, providing a very enjoyable listening experience of LIVE 3D SOUND.
(4) PLUS, SARA® is used during the processing of our affirmation, creating an Emotionalized Experience, causing our affirmations to be more readily accessible to your subconscious bio-computer database.
(5) Original New Adult Contemporary Music developed specifically for Bright Images Programs, to conform to each self improvement subject ares. Music designed to make you feel good about yourself, to grow with you, to be continue to feel enjoyable even during prolonged and repeated use.     Top of page>>


Bright Images™ fantastic musical compositions have been specifically developed and arranged by George Degorski for Bright Images Subliminal Self-Help Programs, exclusively. Each composition was developed to provide you with an enjoyable experience when played repeatedly as background music. The more you listen, the more you become inspired and the better they sound. They are exciting, effective and they are original compositions arranged exclusively for each of the 6 Series, comprising of 37 Bright Images Audio Program titles. Each program titles and 4 or 5 compositions, mixed and matched for each title. A sampling of each programs title can be listened to by using the Sample Tab, located at the top of each page.

3-D Surround Sound

"Bringing Life to Audio Recordings with S.A.R.A.® Technologies"

What You Hear

Specially designed 3D-Surround Sound, S.A.R.A.® (Superior Audio Recording Apparatus), was developed by acclaimed Inventor/Scientist Doug Magyari. This virtual reality 3-D Surround Sound LIVE Recording Process will decode through personal headphones, in your cars sound system and by your homes surround sound stereo system. Doing so will provide you with an enhanced listening pleasure. The birds will fly around you, the music will envelop you and best of all, the affirmations will be stimulating your emotional response, providing Emotionalized Positive Statements directly to your subconscious bio-computer storage database. It is important to note that this special recording process is used on the affirmations, on the environmental sound track and on the musical compositions. This technique greatly enhances your subliminal beta and theta emotional response as well as improving your listening pleasure. These programs really do work. We have sold hundreds of thousands of these programs to the book, health, beauty and fitness outlets nationwide.

How It Is Done

In simplest terms, sound is captured in its real form and dimension exactly as it was originally heard by the human ear. Visual sound is able to record any sound, person, place, thing or event with such realism that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between the actual event and the visual sound recording. IMAGINE SOUND CAPTURED SO PERFECTLY, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE PHYSICAL SENSATION OF BEING THERE LIVE !

Why You Should Use Visual Sound

We bring recordings to life in their full clarity and spatial imagery, as they should be. Everyone who has heard visual sound is captivated by its awesome realism. People listen not just to hear sound, they want to capture its excitement and EXPERIENCE IT! We fulfill the human desire for intimacy in audio recordings by giving the listener, the total experience. Best of all... THE VAST POTENTIAL FOR COMMERCIAL GAINS WITH THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW, in all 37 Bright Images Programs.     Top of page>>


Quality and Quantity of Affirmations
Each of the Bright Images™ Self-Improvement Programs have been developed using independent research from experts in their fields to create positive scripts to have a profound change within your subconscious. Complete statements of how you see yourself. Very specific and directed visions of yourself with a new Dynamic Self Image, see yourself as a highly motivated, successful person. These positive images create a new personality from within. Affirmations like, "I see myself as a successful person" are then recorded into specific file storage areas by your subconscious recording (bio-computer) for future recall. This process is automatic, it is how our brain operates, we record everything we are exposed too. Advertisers have been embedding us with their products forever. We tend to become a product of our environment, the one that we are exposed too. Today we are given a choice of what we put in our minds. We can now off-set past negatively and self imposed limitations by adding twenty thousands positive visions (per hour). Dynamic visions with a new zest for action and achievement. Energetic new images of ourselves allowing you to now reach your requested goals. "What man seethe and believe in, he can achieve". With these new highly focused, concentrated positive images beaming directly into your conscious mind, you will now be able to act differently because you have new visions of your success. Your conscious mind has a responsibility to fulfill the wants, need and desires that you have stored. We are now able to make decisions based on new positive images to satisfying our new personal self improvement goals, from within.


Our “emotionalized nature sound track and music” turns out to be the masking for our 20,000 affirmations embedded within each program. Furthermore, we have coded our affirmations using (SARA®). This “Emotionalizing Process”, causes our affirmations to be far more readily available to your subconscious recording equipment (bio-computer) during our mind’s subliminal storage & recording process. This process is very successful at by-passing the conscious mind and sending data directly to our subconscious mind, using a very complex set engineering tasks, unique only to Bright Images. Every thought has a frequency, every image has a thought and your thoughts can manifest into real achievement.          Top of page>>

STI - SCRIPT APPROVAL - The Self Teaching Institute

Self Teaching InstituteAll Bright Images programs have been certified & approved by an advisory board of top U.S. authorities in the subliminal communication field, representing the Self Teaching Institute. This prestigious board of doctors and psychologists, directed by Phillip Hansen of California State University, stand behind the quality of our affirmations. These programs were designed by professionals for professionals. All Bright Images affirmations are certified and approved to be safe, effective and pertaining to the subject matter of each title for advanced subliminal education, when used as directed.   More ›››

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