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Personal Growth Series

Ideas & Creativity Beyond Positive Thinking The Ultimate You
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BrightImages.comPositive thinking is a concept that, although many have taught and written about, remains a mystery to the average person. Great authors such as Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peal have elaborated on the effects of thinking, feeling and acting in a positive rather than a negative way. Much of the negative programming contained in our subconscious mind was placed there by our negative thoughts, words, and deeds. The law of sowing and reaping will prevail in the fertile soil of our subconscious being. Negative planting will bring forth negative fruit and these people will continually have "bad luck". Unfortunately, researchers have shown we are exposed to 10 negative thoughts for every 2 positive thoughts or images during your lives. But, Bright Images Beyond Positive Thinking Subliminal Tape, CD and mp3 Audio Programtoday we can now replace our old negative thoughts received from our lifetime of experiences, with thousands of new positive images and thoughts, producing fantastic results. Subject yourself to the power of positive thinking and speaking, overpowering the seeds of negativity planted over the years to be the person you have always wanted to become, with no limits to your success. Created positive thoughts and positive results. You'll find yourself speaking positively and avoiding negative comments from yourself and others. Positives will be given power in every phase of your life. Except for two affirmations of being healthy and two about being good, all statements in this program contain a form of either the "positive" or "thinking".      Testimonial - "I can truthfully say I have a new outlook on life." - M. G. Thompson, PA
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Dynamic Self Image, True Optimism

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