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Life Extension Series

Weight Loss Stop Smoking Stress Control
Fitness & Exercise Healthy Mind & Healthy Body Happiness & Prosperity
Workout - Body Toning Freedom From Drugs Freedom From Alcohol
Weight Control & Maintenance    


BrightImages.comDeveloping the body is much more than simply exercising. You must first imagine the way you want your body to look and then work vigorously for those results. Mental imagery and consistent conditioning are necessary. It is a relatively slow process and takes consistent attention. Results take work and this program is known for developing regular habits of exercise and to stay the course. Create that mental bond to realize your efforts of achieving your ultimate physical body toning and sculpturing goals.   As the demand on
Bright Images Workout & Body Toning cd, tape & mp3 Subliminal Audio Programs

athletic competition becomes greater, you who are athletes must keep up with those demands. No matter what sport, this program will be your mental edge to develop your body the way you want it to be and keep it that way. This program is designed to create that total mind and body relationship, mentally working to aid in the body's development. Your subconscious mind works on your self-image and will make it happen. You will improve everyday and you will be the best at whatever you do. This program is recommended for all who desire the most from their physical development.      Recommended for use with: Healthy Mind & Healthy Body, The Winning Edge, Attitudes of a Champion

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