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Think healthy and be healthy is one of our most important and powerful techniques because it deals with our most valued possession, improving our personal health. Do you want to feel better and live a more vibrant life? Well you can improve your minds positive mental imagery which can improve your immune systems ability to stay healthy. Feel yourself become more active as you acquire a new zest for every new day, feeling healthier and living a more healthy lifestyle.  This program is a general
Bright Images Subliminal Healthy Mind & Healthy Body cd, tape & mp3 Audio Programs

"think and be healthy" technique to keep your body's system operating normally. Deals with improving your attitude and ideas regarding your health. It transmits positive messages concerning healthy ways of eating nutritiously, exercising for your health, feeling good, being happy and enjoying life. It is designed to create a healthy consciousness within you. Much evidence today points to the fact that healthy thinking does contribute to healthy living. This program develops positive health consciousness.     TESTIMONAL ...  "I took the 'Healthy Mind & Healthy Body' tape to a nursing home where my 96 year old grandmother resides. ...When I put stereo headphones on her with this tape, she opened her eyes and showed 'expression' for the first time in over a year."   S. Gilkey, WA 

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