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Showing & Attracting Love - Audio MP3 Download - 7304 - Product Image

Showing & Attracting Love - Audio MP3 Download - 7304

There is nothing that can be so powerful as your ability to feel and give love. Love is a strong affection for, attachment to, or devotion to persons or things. Before you can give something away, you must own or possess it. You must know and feel love before you can give or show it. Love is like a seed - in the right environment it will grow. To give love is one of the greatest things that you can do for mankind. This program will bring out the strong yet sensitive qualities that can move mountains in your personal, as well as business relationships. It is designed to help you love yourself. You will learn to feel and accept love. You will become a loving and gibing person. You will allow yourself to show your love easier and show it in all that you do. It will help you become more patient and understanding. You will begin seeing yourself as a loving person and happiness will generate from within you.
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