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Success Series : 
True Optimism - Audio Tape - 8201 - Product Image

True Optimism - Audio Tape - 8201

Andrew Carnegie told us, "anything the mind of man can see believe, he can achieve". True optimism and confidence is the belief in yourself. When you believe in yourself, all things are possible and the person who possesses such belief will sincerely put forth the effort to accomplish that which he desires. This program is designed to create concepts, ideas and images of confidence in your inner drive so that optimism and enthusiasm will be yours. This faith in you generates an inner drive so that optimism and enthusiasm will be yours. With confidence, belief in yourself, a strong positive attitude and good self-image, you can accomplish whatever you choose. The affirmations pertain to self-esteem, goal setting optimism, inner drive and enthusiasm in addition to self-confidence. The confidence messages contain concepts such as ability, belief, unexpected situations and being a winner.
SKU Number: 8201
Price: $5.95 

Achievement - Stop Procrastination - Audio Tape - 8202 - Product Image

Achievement - Stop Procrastination - Audio Tape - 8202

This is our fastest working program. Results are almost immediate with most people. It's a " do it now " and " get it done " program. Experience a new zest for action and achievement... experience an exciting new inner drive towards reaching all your goals! BRIGHT IMAGES Achievement - Stop Procrastination Program enables you to eliminate the negative images that may be have been causing you to procrastinate and replaces them with new positive images of yourself that will allow you to get things " done now ". It is all about ACTION, and action is always a requirement to complete any successful endeavor. You can make it happen right now!
SKU Number: 8202
Price: $5.95 

Dynamic Self Image - Audio Tape - 8203 - Product Image

Dynamic Self Image - Audio Tape - 8203

Dynamic Self-Images is one of your most popular programs. You will become more confident and more self-assured. You can accomplish your goals with a new dynamic self-image of yourslef, while being proud yourself from within. This program puts very powerful positive affirmations into your subconscious mind that are directed towards witnin your deepest beliefs and attitudes about yourself. Experience new vivid images yourself achieving your desired goals. Your desired goals will be much easier to reach as you become more worthy and confident of the accomplishment. As you elevate your self-image, you will feel more relaxed, calm and in control.
SKU Number: 8203
Price: $5.95 

Visualize Yourself To Success - Audio Tape - 8204 - Product Image

Visualize Yourself To Success - Audio Tape - 8204

This program provides positive thoughts, concepts and belief structures to utilize the great opportuniutes that surround you. See yourself in the executive seat. With these powerful positive thoughts, concepts and beliefs embeded into this program great opportunities surround you. Visualize yourself all the way to the top, achieving your goals, overcoming your obstacles by focusing on specific thoughts (mental pictures from within) of your success. You will be motivated by your ablility to visiualize what you want in life.
SKU Number: 8204
Price: $5.95 

Success Motivation - Audio Tape - 8205 - Product Image

Success Motivation - Audio Tape - 8205

Make your dreams a reality, unlock that hidden desire to be a success story... in business or in your personal life. Success is Motivation! Motivation for success must orginate from the subscious mind. This program places subconscious attitudes of doing and achieving from wihtin. It creates action that are need and commands the achievement of your goals. This program will build confidence in your ability to meet challenges and turns problems ito opportunities. Ultimately, your problems become your achievements by your new ablility to overcome virually every obstacle whcih stand between you and success.
SKU Number: 8205
Price: $5.95 

The Winning Edge - Audio Tape - 8206 - Product Image

The Winning Edge - Audio Tape - 8206

The first step to being a winner is believing that you've already won! Look at any winner and you find a common denominator: they prepare to win and they expect to win. Although winning is usually associated with athletic competition of all sorts, the world is full of winners in many other fields. This program will instill a competitive spirit in you which will make you more prone to insist upon being a winner in all that you do. Used by both men and women to increase your mental potential, concentration and total success in your personal life, business world and competitive sports. Get the winning edge today of!
SKU Number: 8206
Price: $5.95 

Sales - Creating Wealth Through Sales - Audio Tape - 8207 - Product Image

Sales - Creating Wealth Through Sales - Audio Tape - 8207

Enhance your natural ability to achieve new sales excellence. Become a more dynamic salesperson and take it all the way to the top. Reach financial independence by using this Creating Wealth Through Sales program. Powerful affiramations are directed to increase your sales skills to excell, to become a self-stater, a doer, become more organized, be intutive, more personable and knowledgeable about money, laws, business and taxes. This program is designed to help you with all these issues. When your living depends on your sales ability, you should be able to perform at your very best, at all times.
SKU Number: 8207
Price: $5.95 

Money & Prosperity - Audio Tape - 8208 - Product Image

Money & Prosperity - Audio Tape - 8208

This program was designed to inspire a person with unique qualities and specific strategy neccessary to reach successful in life. Recieve powerful affrimations to improve your attitude and to stimulate your inner talent, potential success, intelligence and your ability to obtain whatever you desire. Using your new positive attitude and brilliant strategy to built a harmony from within that will enable you to make quick , accurate and positive decisions that follow your plan for success. Designed to enhance your intelligent ability and brilliant strategy to develop into a road map of abilities to meet your goals. Building confidence in your ablilities taht you have exactly what it take to accomplish your plan for a successful future.
SKU Number: 8208
Price: $5.95 

Goals - Road Map To Riches - Audio Tape - 8209 - Product Image

Goals - Road Map To Riches - Audio Tape - 8209

Make your dreams a reality with Goals - Road Map To Riches. Now you can achieve the success you desire and deserve - all you need is your good Road Map To your Riches. Riches are available in many forms. Your mind is your greatest asset. It potential is unlimited. Create harmony from within to satisfy your positve, conscious goals. Become a better decision maker, that can make quick, accurate and positve decisions to follow your plan for success. Use your mind to enhance your position in life with your unlimited potential. You will have whatever you believe as long as you believe in yourself and your ideas.
SKU Number: 8209
Price: $5.95 
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Women Of Independence - Audio Tape - 8210 - Product Image

Women Of Independence - Audio Tape - 8210

Develop and impove your self confidence and decision making skills to lead, manage and communicate more effectively in the world of business and in your personal life. Stimulate your ability to be a successful business person, a Woman of independence and step out in style while becoming your very best. With will concentrate your skills into a great leader with your increased dynamic enthusiasm, self-esteem and a stong positvie self-images of yourself, to allow you to reach to the top and become a winner.
SKU Number: 8210
Price: $5.95