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BRIGHT IMAGES represents an extraordinary commitment to bring you the most advanced technology in subliminal self help educational and self improvement tools available for quick results. We value your personal investment in a positive lifestyle for self improvement. Experience the positive effects of self improvement in your personality, confidence, success and happiness today. Treat yourself to a new zest for action & achievement by stimulating your inner talents to meet your goals of success. Find the right Bright Images Subliminal Cd, tape and mp3 programs to fit your personal goals of self improvement. We have the specific Subliminal Self Improvement Tools to help you improve every area of your life. Be sure to learn how easy subliminal is to use from the tabs above and visit our Subliminal Education Pages. Become the best you can be by just playing these beautiful musical compositions in the background. Looking to be a Powerball winner, seeking a great Powerball number to help make your life great. Wait no longer, put the power of Bright Images Professional Programs in your life for a winninng and success future.

FREE TIPS, TOOLS, RESOURCES & Affirmations at these Self Help centers - dISCOVER The Best self hELP Audio subliminal mp3, cds and tapes, guaranteed to help you reach your goals of self Improvement today.

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Be sure to visit the VIDEO TABS located at the top of the page for more information about “How Subliminal Works”, candid “Customer Testimonials”, your “Questions & Answers” and “Audio Samples” of each of the Bright Images programs. Watch the free self help videos above.

Designed into our 37 specific improvement areas are highly concentrated streams of vivid images of positive thoughts, attitude, concepts, and beliefs. Expect dynamic new mental pictures of yourself achieving, living and maintaining your goals of success. Be in command of your future and strengthen your drive of achievement by directing positive mental and physical energies that bring success. Satisfaction Guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

Use our Self-Help Center of Tools, Aids, Tips, Support and Information for each of the 37 subject areas of interest in your life. Made available to enhance and accelerate your desired goals of achievement, success and happiness. Use these additional resources to meet your goals. They are located just after each Bright Images program descriptions for each title.


BRIGHT IMAGES® Self-Help Audio Subliminal Programs were first developed in 1987, utilizing proven, effective and successful technological advancements first pioneered by MIDWEST RESEARCH. From many years of controlled research and studies in the fields of professional business, sports and life sciences using advanced subliminal educational techniques of SCWL® (subconscious-to-conscious-way-of-learning). Bright Images has been able to develop into a company dedicated to producing the most powerful subliminal products available anywhere, using many new innovated, advanced and unique technologies. All, working together for ease of use and for quick results.

First, our programs have been field tested to be effective, see our video and text testimonials. They have also been certified to be safe with script approval by the STI Advisory Board of top US authorities in the field of subliminal communication.

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We have fantastic musical compositions, specifically developed and arranged by George Degorski for Bright Images Self-Help Programs. Created to provide you with an enjoyable experience when played repeatedly as background music. They are exciting, effective and they are original compositions arranged exclusively for Bright Images Audio Programs.

eveloped and patented by acoustical engineer and inventor, Doug Maygari for Bright Images Programs. Using a unique, “anatomically-perfect”, 27 microphone recording device (SARA®), during the live environmental sound track. Engineered to duplicate our “natural human” hearing process. The results are fantastic, bringing the experience of the LIVE OUTDOORS to you while you are enjoying the various water scenarios and exotic birds. With each program, we become satisfied as we complete an entire day’s journey to your goals.

We have, “Emotionalized Nature Sound Tracks and our Music Tracks” This special masking process developed for our 20,000 affirmations, embedded within each program to make them work faster. Furthermore, we have coded our affirmations using (SARA®). This “Emotionalizing Process®”, which causes the Bright Images affirmations to be far more readily available to your subconscious recording equipment (your bio-computer) during our mind’s subliminal storage & recording process. This process is very successful at by-passing the conscious level of your mind, their by sending positive affirmation data directly to our subconscious mind. This advance and very complex set engineering breakthroughs, is unique only to Bright Images Products. Every thought has a frequency, every image has a thought and your thoughts can be manifested into real achievements.

The entire process is automatic. You need only to make a conscious decision that you want to make specific improvements in your life. First, you choose your specific improvement goal category from the 6 Different Series shown. THen look over the 37 specific programs that can best address your personal self-improvement goals. Each program is providing a very high concentrated volume of focused positive statements regarding personal new images of you doing, creating and becoming successful, perhaps even overcoming a self imposed limitation or just to relieve some normal everyday stress, automatically.

You can achieved any goal, it is your choice. In order for these changes to take place in your life, vast quantities of positive statements and specific approved images are beamed directly to your subconscious recording equipment. This data is stored in neurons by your “bio-computer”, to be used later in your decision making process. These concentrated images are recognized as valuable in satisfying our belief structure of goals and happiness. As they accumulate numerically in our subconscious mind, they will eventually become available, along with our lifetime of accumulated experiences. These newly focused and directed positive statements soon will be available for recall, to help cause positive acts, decisions and direction in our lives. By this method we can expect results in a relatively short period of time, usually in a few weeks we start feeling and seeing ourselves with new attitude and determination. Our conscious mind will now see these new positive mental pictures we have created for ourselves, allowing us to reach our desired goals with ease. “What man seethe and believe in, he can achieve”, you will soon see yourself achieving.

The 37 Bright Images Programs are listed in 6 Different Series. Providing you with an easy method to locate your self-improvement areas of interest. On the left you will see each of the 6 series and the 37 programs available, all listed for quick access. Our Self-Help Center of tools, tips, resources and support are located after each of the program descriptions.

We have gathered a wealth of information on each of our 37 programs subject areas for self-improvement to aid and assisting you to reach your immediate and long term goals. Located just below each product description, you will find our SELF-HELP TOOL BOX & SELF HELP CENTER. Here you will find information, self-help tools and tips to aids you in becoming that happy, more dynamic successful person. A new person full of vigor and self worth, that person you have always wanted to become. Use any additional self-help tools at your disposal to help you stay focused on your goals. As new information, resources, and support tools become available in each of our program areas, they will be posted in our Self-Help Centers, so be sure to return for updated support information.

Simply choose your area of interest and the programs that best represents your self-improvement goals, then push play. Just play your tape, CD or mp3 programs as instructed, in the background with your player in the repeat & continuous play mode. Play while you are at work, at home, in the car or by using the very popular portable mp3 players. Enjoy each day as you take that journey, accumulating new positive mental pictures of yourself becoming the best you can be, even while watching TV, relaxing in a chair or enjoying yourself with a brisk walk, bike ride or even jogging. This accumulation of positive images can become very powerful as they revitalize your daily life. Usually, you will notice effects in only a few weeks, as your accumulated hours of listening time produce images for recall. But don’t be surprised if you and the people around you notice results much faster, with some programs providing positive changes, sometimes in just minutes or hours.

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customers testimonials - here

Q. What is my advantage of using your subliminal embedded messages used on Bright Images Self Help Programs?
A. When you use these subliminal messages, they are approved by the STI, your seal of the Best Available.
Q. Do you have an op portion on the ineffectiveness of subliminal self-help audiotapes provided by others?
A. Only to say that Bright Images Audiotapes have proven to be the best, providing very fast results for most.
Q. I found Bright Images Sales Program using the law of attraction to subliminal attract money in my life.
A. This is true, all Bright Images Program utilize the Law of Attraction of Positive Subliminal Messages to work.
Q. Can you tell me how to create subliminal audio from your web site?
A. By visiting our Subliminal Education, we have provided a wealth of information just how Bright Images work.
Q. Tell me how Bright Images Sexual Enhancement Cd using Subliminal Sexual Advances will help me?
A. Designed to increase and arouse your and your partners sexual desires. To heighten & stimulation your sex.
Q. It is true you have Bright Images subliminal sexual music Cds & mp3 programs?
A. Bright Images Sexual Enhancement Subliminal Sexual Music Program has very exotic music plus messages.
Q. Can you tell is about Subliminal Silent mp3 and Cds that you have?
A. The term Subliminal Silent mp3, tapes & Cds refers to the affirmations recorded below the conscious mind.
Q. How do you make a subliminal message on Bright Images Subliminal Programs cds & mp3?
A. Experts in each field write, make a subliminal messages to be use, Research and Development then do Tests
Q. Why does the Bright Images Total Relaxation Cd help me with as a Subliminal Meditation Sleep Tool?
A. Yes, the Total Relaxation Cd helps to bring you into a very relaxed theta state, ideal for Meditation & Sleep.
Q. I have heard the Total Relaxation is good for subliminal sleep mp3 tools to use, please explain?
A. Total Relaxation is very popular subliminal tool to induce sleep using mp3 tools because they work very fast.
Q. Is subliminal suggestion mind control used in Bright Images Subliminal Audio Programs?
A. All Bright Images products are STI Approved, assuring you are getting the best available Scripts that work.
Q. Do you have a Bright Images Self-improvement & Awareness Manuals available to the consumers?
A. We do not have Self-improvement & awareness manuals available at this time, see Subliminal Education.
Q. Are Bright Images Subliminal Affirmations for free unlimited use on your own computer?
A. All Bright Images Subliminal affirmation are for free unlimited use by that owner of that CD, mp3, or Tape.
Q. I read in a psychology magazine that Bright Images Programs are considered Best Top Subliminal around.
A. There are many published articles referring Bright Images Subliminal's as Best Top Rated Subliminal Audio.
Q. I have seen the product called audiodrugs, I know they are different than Bright Images,what can you tell me?
A. I have heard both pro and con, see their blog for user comments. What I understand, they are for immediate and short term use and you only feel some effects while using them. One the other hand Bright Images in designed to resistor specifically by your subconscious recording bio-computer, for continuous positive changes and long term self motivation and improvement
Q. How many affirmation subliminal messages are in Bright Images Subliminal Audio Programs Cds & mp3's.
A. Each Bright Images Audio Subliminal Program contain 20,000 expert developed affirmations per hour of use.
Q. Can you tell me what Subliminal Messages Laws that may pertain to the use of Subliminal in Advertising.
A. The only Subliminal Messages Laws enacted, ban the use of Subliminal Ads over the airwaves, FCC ruling.
Q. Is it true the subliminal messages in 2pac music are used and to what effect.
A. Simple engineering to Hide phrases in music have been used for years, mostly for their advertising affects.
Q. I have heard of subliminal messages in children toys, what can you tell me about this process?
A. I have no information about subliminal messages in children's toys, but it seems advertisers have tried it all.
Q. How can I write a Subliminal Cd Review of your Bright Images Weight Loss Program I have used?
A. We accept customer Subliminal Cd Reviews and professional reviews at
Q. Do you Put Subliminal Messages on your web site?
A. Sample Bright Images Audio Subliminal Program have subliminal messages on our web site, 20,000 per hour.
Q. Can you tell halo 2 subliminal messages that you have on your Bright Images programs?
A. We have 20,000 complete subliminal messages on each Bright Images Audio tape, cd or mp3 program.
Q. Do you any Bright Images Subliminal Free Audio Program to try.
A. At anytime you can go the top of any page, click on the Samples Tab to listen to any Subliminal Free Audio.
Q. Is is common practice for Subliminal Messages In Media throughout the United States in advertising.
A. Much of the R&D in subliminal communication has come from the advertising industry to control shopping.
Q. I have hear there are subliminal messages in the Hotel California song by the Eagles. What can you tell me?
A. Many songs have various types of manipulation, Hotel California played Backwards reveals new lyrics. Many engineer's and advertisers have used subliminal messages for years, audio and images, to encourage your shopping habits. Bright Images programs embed you with new positive ideas, direction, motivation and images so you can reach your vision of success.
Q. What are subliminal Messages and how do they work?
A. Be sure to go to the top of the page, click on the video Tab, view the who it work video & our Education Page
Q. Do you know if there are Harry Potter Subliminal Messages in there movies?
A. Cinema often embedding subliminal messages, inducing reaction of terror and & sexual arousal, see links.
Q. I understand you can sample Bright Images Free Subliminal Message Program at this site, just how?
A. Yes we have free subliminal message programs samples 24/7 for you to use, go to top, click on Sample Tap.
Q. It there any movement to stop subliminal advertising?
A. Advertising will always find way to be most effective in selling their product, FCC limiting subliminal airwave
Q. What is that about the hannah montana subliminal message they are using a secret message.
A. Many say they have engineered satanic messages when played in reverse, we are exposed to it everyday.
Q. What can you tell me about psycho-acoustic subliminal house music?
A. Psycho-acoustic subliminal house music, refers to music turned to penetrate your mind transparently.
Q. What is xbox subliminal messages that I have heard about?
A. The Saints Row game does contain some references to 666, considered to be xbox subliminal messages.
Q. Are the beatles subliminal messages used often in their music, that you can only hear them played backward
A. It is well know some beatles subliminal messages have been used by the method of reverse speech.
Q. How is Subliminal Advertising Used to get you to buy their products.
A. Subliminal Advertising main uses sexual images hidden in ice cubs & artwork photos so you will remember.
Q. What are the FCC subliminal advertising law or restriction to radio and television programming airwaves.
A. FCC, 1974 rule bans licensed radio & TV stations from any broadcasts of subliminal messages of any nature.
Q. I understand there are subliminal images in disney films, what can you tell me?
A. Hidden S-E-X, sexual messages in Lion King have been discussed for years and is common in many movies.
Q. Where can I see an example of photos used for subliminal seduction in advertising medium?
A. Subliminal seduction is common is many form of print ads, see them all in the book "Subliminal Seduction".
Q. Does Bright Images create own subliminal messages cds, tapes or mp3 program?
A. All Bright Images Subliminal Programs have been developed by professionals in each field to work fast, no.
Q. Where can I find the slipknot subliminal messages that have been found in many songs?
A. Slipknow has found several subliminal messages in songs, now not hidden, see here...
Q. Where can I find Subliminal Israeli Music.
A. Subliminal and the Shadow is a popular Israeli hib-hop band, man members name.
Q. What can you tell me about subliminal message in the Lion King.
A. The Lion King does have a few hidden messages, you can see the word "sex" appear in the dust, when Simba lays down.
Q. Can you tell me if there are hidden Barney Subliminal Messages in any of the episodes, as I did hear this.
A. The are using the recorded backward simple technique of imbedding subliminal messages in some songs.
Q. What make good Subliminal Message History for Bright Images?
A. This can best be shown on our Subliminal Education Page, shoe Subliminal Message History of Bright Images.
Q. Are Subliminal Messages For Children safe to use from Bright Images Subliminal Programs.
A. All Bright Images Programs are safe for Children and have been approved by the Self Teaching Institute.
Q. I am looking for subliminal therapy mp3 for a sleep disorder, I need help getting full night sleep, help me?
A. The Bright Images Total Relaxation tape, CD or mp3 program, when played all night will help your full sleep.
Q. What Subliminal Tapes For Psychic and Spiritual Growth of Bright Images can you recommend?
A. I would highly recommend the Bright Images "Universal Harmony From Within" Tape, Cd or mp3 Program.
Q. What can you tell me about Deejay subliminal, I was told he uses Bright Images Ideas & Creativity mp3.
A. The artist, Deejay The Great, founder of Subliminal Entertainment Company is a popular song writer, producer
Q. What is the aladdin subliminal message I have been hearing about?
A. Aladdin Subliminal Message is in the video, is said to say "good teenagers take off your clothes".
Q. Looking for Subliminal Affirmations for Recovery of Adult & Children from Bright Images Programs?
A. Best for Family is Family Harmony, then Freedom From Drugs and then Freedom From Alcohol Programs.
Q. Why are Bright Images Programs the Best Positive Subliminal Programming available?
A. There are many reason Bright Images excel and work so fast as positive subliminal programming, see...
Q. When comparing Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Message Cds and Tape, that the Subliminal Work Faster, why?
A. You do not have to do any work while using the Subliminal Message Cds and Tapes, just do the repeat play.
Q. Is these any Subliminal Messages Law that you know of, which may monitor the use of Subliminal?
A. The only regulation is the 1974 FCC, banning them our the airwaves, not banned are Videos or Cable TV.
Q. What Forms of Subliminal Messages are used in Bright Images Subliminal Programs?
A. Bright Images uses very successful Audio, providing 20,000 complete positive statement each hour of use.
Q. Is the subliminal cross in Huckabee video, a Huckabee subliminal cross?
A. Mike Huckabee's ad appears to have a white cross intersecting shelf or a window pane, that moves right.
Q. You hear so much about the subliminal message coca cola used, when did they start using them?
A. Most notably, they started in the 1957 movie "Picnic", drinks sales increased 18%, popcorn increased 58%.
Q. What is Martlinker, I have seen your products listed at this site.
A. Yes we are listed on several site as professional self improvement products, which then get directed to our encrypted and secure shopping care with
Q. I am interested in purchasing the mp3 format of your subliminal CDs but my concern is that won't be a generation loss in the original SCWL programming.
A. There is no loss in our digitally formatted mp3 Bright Images Programs, as they are mastered for this purpose in a 24 bit CD digitally quality format. Just give them a try.
Q. Hi, some weeks back I purchased 3 of your mp3s from the skills series and success series.  Is is sufficient to play these in the background while at work - quite low sound - or is it necessary to use headphones? How long after starting to use should I notice a difference?
A. Yes, it is recommend to use Bright Images Programs as quite background sounds during your normal day’s events, all day and all evening. The key for quick success is set it up your players, to play automatically for you, without you having to remember to push play. You come home, you set your players to play in a continuous, repeat play mode. Just have your players play all the time, while you are going about your normal days events, as quite background music. At school, at home and at work, even while you sleep. Most people will start feeling the positive effects within a couple of weeks and there can be a number of variables. Headphone are not required, but your Bright Images Programs will sound better and you will experience more of the 3D Surround Sound recording. With all of our portable mp3 player today, it does become very easy to take your programs with you while travel, exercise and are mobile. Our travels now become a preferred quality time for self improvement.  With some programs you will notice will a positive effect within just a few minutes or hours, other may take longer. It all depends on your programs title, and of course, the amount of negativity that the program is working at overcoming. It is a simple process of accumulating a numerical volume of 100% positive affirmations about yourself being recorded by Bio-Computer to overcome, to outnumber any other negative ideas, images or experiences that may be limiting your success and happiness. Remember, experts tell us that our Bio-Computer is capable of recordings, through our 5 senses, at a rate of 100 million bits of information per second. So multi-task with your Bright Images throughout your day for quick success. Even after you feel you have reach your goals with Bright Images Subliminal Education, they become great mental tune-ups.

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